I bought a puppy from socutepuppies and when we recieved her ther were no shot papers attached.

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When we received our puppy from socute puppies they didn't give us any papers on her such as shot records ect.I called and called and all I got was "We are going to send it" Why is this company still in business?

This company is so prompt on getting your money, but when it comes to satisfying the consumer you never hear from them. I hope more people write in so this company will be investigated and appropriate action is take.

Especially if they are selling sick animals.That is a shame and they should never sell dogs again.

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I bought a boxer from this company a year ago and it is the best addition to our family.......happy and healthy


It sounds like you are angry at the wrong person. Do u work for this company?


Why would you BUY a puppy when there are millions of dogs in shelters waiting to die.Most puppies you see in pet stores are most likely from puppy mills.

What is wrong with you?Do your research!

SoCutePuppies - Sick Dogs, New Name same PROBLEM

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This business SoCutePuppies.com @ 813 North State Rd No.7, Hollywood, FL 33021 is STILL SELLING SICK DOGS, they changed there name in hopes that people wont find out the real truth about them.

They should be shut down for doing what they do to these poor ANIMALS.

Here is another link to check out so you can see what they are really like.http://my-baby-puppies.pissedconsumer.com/sold-us-a-sick-dog-20090401147057.html

Go to this link and read how they treat these DOGS, I am headed to his place of business to meet him and he doesnt know its going to be me because I had a friend call up and set the time up and when he sees me walk in he is going to pay me for what it cost me to keep our dog alive or I will take everyone of his dogs with me or its his ***.

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